The KODAK ACHIEVE T800 Platesetter is a robust, entry-level output device that delivers high image quality with excellent reliability and consistency. Based on the successful KODAK TRENDSETTER Platesetter platform and Kodak’s new TH5 thermal imaging technology, the ACHIEVE T800 Platesetter brings high quality imaging to the masses.


  • Four automation options to fit your business needs and your budget:
    • Autoloader provides automated plate loading and unloading of up to 40 plates (0.3 mm) without slip sheets
    • Auto Unload features semi-automatic plate loading and automatic unloading to plate processor or stacker
    • Standard is semi-automatic plate loading and unloading
    • Single Cassette Unit provides automated plate loading and unloading of up to 120 plates (0.3 mm) with automated slip sheets removal, automatic plate rotation


  • Two speed options: 16 or 22 plates per hour
  • Outstanding reliability and stable thermal images helps reduce plate remakes and service costs

Ease of Use

  • Connectivity to KODAK Workflow Systems, including KODAK PRINERGY Workflow
  • System flexibility allows customers to keep existing workflow with the included hardware for 1-bit TIFF based file transfer capabilities
  • Auto recovery mechanism that fixes many errors with no operator intervention
  • Optimized for KODAK Plates and open for other vendors’ qualified plates

Excellent Image Quality

  • ACHIEVE Platesetters enable 200 lpi screening, with an option for 36-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening
  • 2400 or 1200 dpi resolution

Supports Your Sustainability Goals

  • Output of KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates saves money and space, eliminating chemistry and plate processor costs and waste and reducing water usage
  • Power savings of up to 40% while imaging (compared to KODAK TRENDSETTER Q400 Platesetters)
  • Great stability using Kodak’s proven thermal imaging technology