Founded 1972

Nippon Group since 1972, one business group in India has stood out with outstanding success in everything they did. Bringing in the latest heralding progress. Taking product, brand and service to every nook and corner of the country. And keeping in step with the latest the world has to offer. It’s the Nippon Group from modest beginnings as supplier of photography goods, pre-press printing equipment and it’s raw material, the Nippon Group has grown as pioneers and leaders in imaging technology.

Our Customers are Repro Process Houses, Magazine Printers, Newspaper Printers, Flexo & Carton Packaging Printers, Label Printers, Cartographic Organization, Security Printers and Digital Printers.

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The group today leads the industry from the front. Companies in the group are :

  • Nippon Color
  • New Print Solutions
  • Nippon Enterprises
  • Computer Graphics Limited

Who are we

The Group was formed by intrepid, young printing technologies, with years of experience. The company was founded on proprietorship basis. There are three key people involved in Nippon Group namely

  • Mr. Ramesh Pardiwala : He is a printing engineer, Mr. Pardiwala worked for Monotype Corporation for 22 years, where he established his expertise in plate making, typesetting equipments, graphic arts cameras and other printing equipment. In 1972 he established Nippon Group in Mumbai. He was given the life time achievement award in the year 2003 at the Foto Fair conducted by the All India Photographic Associations.

  • Mr. Jayant Pardiwala : A Printing technologist from the Institute of Printing, Mumbai he went to complete his Advanced Printing from London College of Printing. He joined the family business on his return to India in 1986 and specialized in the marketing of Graphic Arts Equipments and took the business to the next level.

  • Mr. Akshat Pardiwala : He earned his Master of Science in Print Media at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2016 after achieving Bachelors of Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the University of Mumbai. During his 2 years in Rochester, Akshat published his book entitled “The New Print Industry: Trends and Opportunities” in the US, India, Australia, Brazil and Canada. His book was distributed for educational purposes at various print shows such as Graph Expo ’16 in Orlando, EFI Connect ’17 in Vegas, as well as Graphics Canada Expo ’17 in Toronto. He returned to India in 2017 with an extensive knowledge on the printing technologies and industry trends, with majors focusing on digital printing and color management. He is now creating new business opportunities for print service providers in India by offering solutions in the form of digital printing technologies.

It is a family business organization. Having more than 20 professionals who have been assigned different work and responsibility commensurate with their qualification and experience.

Marketing Department

Total Strength: 16 – headed by Mr. Jayant Pardiwala who has a total sales experience of 25 years in Graphic Arts Equipment and allied equipment required by pre-press printing houses and packaging printing houses.

Service Department

Total Strength: 42 – headed by Mr. Akshat Pardiwala who has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and a Masters degree in Print Media. We have with us highly qualified electronic and mechanical engineers who have got extensive training abroad with the manufacturers of pre-press printing equipment.


Software Engineer


Hardware Engineer


Secretarial Staff


The group today leads the industry from the front.

  • Well equipped spacious office with all modern equipments in respect of Fax, Computers, Typewriters, Copying Machine
  • Godown for bulk storage.
  • Godown for day-to-day smaller dispatches.
  • Fleet of delivery vehicles.


We understand the nerve of the current trends in our industry . We always have a close eye on what is happening worldwide by attending and participating in the trade fairs and exhibitions, Also in constant touch with our principals about their new technology and improvements in their products.

Our customers are our brand ambassador and indirectly sellers of our products as we provide services to best of our abilities. And we strongly believe that service back ups and support to customers is the key to success and which pays in long term.

The technocrats in the company have worked in the capacities of Electronic Engineer, Sales Engineer and Commercial Managers and they have very good rapport with users of Graphics Arts Equipment. They have experience of work ranging for 10 to 20 years in Graphic Arts Industry and equipment related to Packaging and Printing Industry as well as Security Printing.

Press Release

Our Credential

We enjoy sound reputation with our clientele for the regular, timely and quick delivery & service on our fair business practices. Our corporate goal is unflinching commitment to customer’s satisfaction through quality products & prompt services.

Future Plans

The company does not intend to limit the activities to the existing area of operation but has specific plans. We also contemplate to enter into agreements with other leading manufacturers to sell and service their quality Graphic Arts Equipment’s and equipment pertaining to Flexo and Carton Packaging industry.

Our Team

  • Team of qualified and experienced young professional with ideas, ambitions and result oriented performance.
  • Operating under well-defined line management organizational structure.
  • Quick decision-making process on account of excellent mix of decentralization and centralization.
  • Well-defined delegation of power in commensuration with responsibility.
  • Sound technical knowledge.
  • Extra ordinary dealers network of 70 well established dealers all over India.